About the Project

Girls using violence – intervention and prevention addresses the priority “Children as Victims and Perpetrators of violence” (CVP). The overall objective of this project is to increase the knowledge on girls who conduct violence. Thus, the project aims at assist in the prevention of violence by identifying the scale and nature of the problem and develop good interventions and preventive methods to defeat the use of violence among girls. One of the milestones in this project is the importance of including the girls’ own perspectives and their description on how they understand their violence, and what they perceive as good measures.

The project will identify good methods of working with girls with a violence and aggression problem both on an individual and group level, in order to find best practices in the field. The project will create a guideline for best practice with girls who have an aggressive and violent behaviour.

Further objectives of the project is to increase the consciousness of this problem among practitioners through exchange of experiences and comparison of measures such as “mentoring” and “anti-aggression-groups” etc. The project will uncover, analyse and develop more knowledge about violent crime conducted by girls. This will be done through the dissemination of best practice examples and knowledge by organising both local and transnational workshops, study visits, staff exchange, making of a documentary movie and literature review. Through these activities the project hopes to increase the competence of the staff working closely with the target group and consequently improve the interventions and prevention activities for girls who use violence and to protect the girls who are victims of violence.

Another part of the project is addressing the beneficiaries: girls with previous violent behaviour and girls who have been targeted by violent girls. The knowledge we gain throughout the project will strengthen the staff and thereby ensure a better intervention with both the perpetrators and the victims. Development and increased knowledge about girls who exercise violence is important in a long-term socio-economic perspective all over Europe. The project has its common dissemination strategy, combined with a national strategy in each partner country. The project is practical and the conduct of data will mainly be qualitative. There will be a continuous dissemination through the whole period, both locally and throughout European countries.

A successful outcome of this project will have a high value for a lot of people working in this field. The project will ensure that practitioners get access to the knowledge developed through the project. After the project period is over the development of good methods could be implemented in local social services. During the project period there will be established a network of partners and local practitioners. The project will encourage these networks to continue even after the project period.

The project has a two-year long course, and the different phases of the project is divided into four workstreams, with different activities related to the topic. The deliverables will be in form of reports from each workstream, a documentary movie, video clips from the service users (digital storytelling) and a guideline for best practice.


More information about the project background can be found here

Reports from the different workstreams will continuously be uploaded throughout the progression of the project here

The full Project Description and Project Implementation Form is available for download here