The partners in the VIP-project are both Western and Eastern European countries. We aim at learning from each others legislation practice, working methods and cultural diversity. Throughout the project period the partners will work together with schools, police and child welfare on good measures for girls who conduct, or are victims of, violence in all of the countries.

A closer presentation of the partners


Youth section, Sagene District,

Sagene District of the Municipality of Oslo, Norway, is the VIP-project iniators. The Youth Section in Sagene District provides activities and preventive measures for children and youths between the ages of 10-23 in the district. In the project we are including two other districts in Oslo; Gamle Oslo District and Frogner District to disseminate and share experience about the phenomena of violent girls in the City of Oslo. Sagene District are responsible for the day-to-day Management and Coordination of the project as well as Workstream 1.



Zora group and School Project, (P1)

Zora group and School Project is located in Munich in Germany. They offer psychological counselling services for girls and temporary home for girls. They also offer violence prevention for girls. Munich are responsible for Workstream 4 in the project.

Instituto Alicantino de La Familia (P2),

Instituto Alicantino de La Familia is located in Alicante, Spain. Instituto Alicantino de La Familia is a public organisation of Alicante Country Council that works in the search and treatment of family problems.The Institute has led 5 European projects.

GUTS – Angered District, (P3)
Gothenborg City

Guts is an organisation in Angered District in Gothenborg City in Sweeden. Angered is one of 20 districts in the City of Gothenburg and has 1800 employees. Guts is a leisure centre for girls. They offer counselling, discussion groups, and a meeting place exclusively for girls. Gothenborg is responsible for Workstream 2 in the project.

Harrow Council London: Children & Families Service Mission, (P4)

Our shared vision is about everyone in Harrow supporting our children – from statutory partners such as the Council, Health, Schools and the Police, to community groups, the voluntary sector, and of course families themselves. It is this combination of support that gives a child or young person a good start in life: learning and developing, staying safe, being healthy and growing into an adult who contributes to society with economic security. 

Harrow Council is working in partnership with Foundation 4 Life. Foundation 4 Life is front line community organisation providing consultancy, training and delivery of therapeutic intervention and support services for vulnerable children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD). F4L specialize in working young people with multiple and complex needs who often live high risk lifestyles including those involved or affected by gangs, serious violence or sexual exploitation.



Swansea Youth Offending Service,  (P5)

Swansea Youth Offending Service provides services for children and young people between 8 and 18 years of age in the Criminal Justice System of Wales. Swansea Youth Offending Service is a public body with 79 employees. They work with girls who commit violent crimes and has previous experience with EU projects for example from the Leonardo Da Vinci project NetMentor. Swansea is responsible for Workstream 3 in the project.


Polish Association for Legal Education (P6)

Polish Association for Legal Education is a non-governmental organisation that promotes and strengthens legal awareness, equal status of male and female, criminal justice reform. They have a focus on juveniles.The association took part in the ESF EQUAL project Link to Life (2005-2007).

Contact information for the project partners is available here