Daphne III

This project is funded by Daphne III of the European Commission.

The European Parliament and the Council adopted a decision establishing the specific programme Daphne III as part of the General Programme “Fundamental Rights and Justice”. The Daphne III programme builds on the achievements of the previous Daphne (2000-2003) and Daphne II (2004 – 2008) programmes.

Since it began as the one-year Daphne Initiative in 1997, ‘Daphne’ has become an important part of NGO and public authority action in Europe. This programme to combat violence against children, young people and women in Europe, and to support victims and reduce vulnerability to violence, has brought together the experience of hundreds of individuals and organizations and has broken new ground in research and action in favour of Europe’s most vulnerable citizens.

Daphne’s objectives and tools

  • Assisting and encouraging NGOs and other organisationsactive in this field;
  • Developing and implementing targeted awareness-raising actions;
  • Disseminating results obtained under the previous Daphne Programmes;
  • Identifying and enhancing actions contributing to positive treatment of people at risk of violence;
  • Setting up and supporting multidisciplinary networks;
  • Ensuring the expansion of the knowledge base and exchange, identification and dissemination of information and good practice;
  • Designing and testing awareness-raising and educational materials, and supplementing and adapting those already available;
  • Studying phenomena related to violence and its impact;
  • Developing and implementing support programmes for victims and people at risk, and intervention programmes for perpetrators.

More information about Dahpne is available here.